Lady Grace Coaching

Delivering hope, strength and healing to women who have been broken. Walking alongside them on their journey to restoration and joy through the grace of God. #RestorationRevolution


Restoring hope and spreading love one story at a time. Helping women find healing and redemption through the grace of God. #WomenHelpingWomen



Restore Your Grace, Find Your Purpose

Grace Restored is your one-stop coaching shop to help you find restoration and healing in your life and journey towards your purpose.


A Place of Restoration

Grace Restored provides the perfect atmosphere for you to restore your grace and reclaim your identity. Our coaches are committed to helping you create a safe place for healing, growth, and transformation.

Reimage Yourself

We offer Reimage Coaching Packages to help you rediscover yourself and reclaim the life that God intended for you to live. Our experienced coaches will guide you through the process of self-discovery and personal growth so that you can move forward in life with clarity.


Reaffirm Yourself

Our Reaffirm Coaching Packages provide a unique opportunity to reaffirm yourself so that you can live the life of abundance and joy. With the help of our experienced coaches, you can break through barriers, build confidence, and achieve success in all areas of life.

About The CEO

Grace Inyangetor was born as the 3rd daughter and 3rd child in a family of eight children which included five girls and three boys to Ukpong’s Christian family. She is a retired Professional Registered Nurse (RN), with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing ( BSN) and a Minor in Psychology for over four decades. She has 59
worked and held various positions in Nursing from Charge Nurse, Nursing Supervisor, and Unit Manager. Grace has worked in many fields of Nursing including Orthopedic, Medical- Surgical, Telemetry, Trauma Surgical, Step- down unit, Psychiatric, Nephrology, Kidney Transplant surgery, Heart Transplant surgery, and Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. Grace is a mother of five men and grandmother of three gorgeous princesses. She is the Former First Lady of Eastern Annang, Your Highness Abak. Her achievements are numerous as she has received many Titles such as Eke Unwana 1 of Iban Ikot Eshiet, Midim, Abak; Eka Iberedem 1 of Ukpon’s Clan; Mother of Perpetual Help of Akpanudo Clan; and Mkpouto 1 of Nto Nsek. Grace is a Certified Life, Professional & Christian Coach and the CEO of Grace Restoration Coaching Services. She is the author of three books: Mindset of the Heart, Beyond Heaven’s Golden Gates, and When My God Says Yes.

Author of “The Rebuked Headstone – When God Says Yes”, “Beyond Heaven’s Golden Gate: The Journey Of My Soul To Purgatory”, and “Mindset Of The Heart: Suicide Is Not The Solution (SINTS), Don’t Do It!”

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